ALL MOTORS Company has begun its activity at the beginning of  2012, and since then we have successfully delivered thousands of cars and other vehicles, gained our customers’ trust and became the best in our craft.

Our company is always ready to help You with search, purchase and delivery of a vehicle or any other technical equipment from USA or Canada. We will consult and advise You on any question and will help You choose the right pick specifically for You.

Since we own an official dealer’s license, we are able to purchase vehicles from any auction, any dealership or salon in the US or Canada. This is why the assortment that we offer can satisfy tastes, preferences and budget of any customer.

Our company’s priority is fairness and transparency of our deals, this is why we only accept collaboration and work based on the official contracts, we only use bank transfers to send funds and we work without any intermediators.

We not only offer a competent consultation, help with searching, purchasing and delivering vehicles and any other technical equipment, but we also assist with searching and purchasing new or used car parts, if needed.

Our company helps You save significant amount of your budget not only by finding and purchasing a vehicle for a much lower price, then it could be found on the moldavian car-market, but also by having low commission rate for our company’s services.

ALL MOTORS Company is your reliable partner in getting the car of Your dream.

All the specifics about purchasing a vehicle from USA or Canada are fully described in the Articles section.

You can find a particular vehicle that You are looking for in the Main Menu in SEARCH section.

All terms and conditions of the order, prices for delivery and customs duties can be found in Order section.

For any questions, please, Call:
+(373) 78-000-322
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