Dear Customers!

If you like to purchase a new vehicle, we can assist you with that. (HERE you can read about all the specifics and advantages of purchasing a new vehicle from USA).

Because of the reason that every order is unique, You have to decide accurately: what kind of vehicle you would like to purchase, and also its complete characteristics (brand, model, color of a body, color of salon, engine type, drivetrain, additional options, etc.), then contact us (Contacts) and tell us all your desires.
In order to know the average price, or the price close to total price taking in consideration all your desires for vehicle’s options, we suggest You to look at the popular car brands websites presented in the US. Every website has “Build” (Your Car) section, where You can carry out assembly of a desirable car by yourself, choosing different options and characteristics, and also check the price.

For Your information: usually, depending on brand, model and options set, the total price of a vehicle increases from $3000 to $7000 from MSRP (“Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price” – this sum is usually taken as the average price for a basic options set of a vehicle). But we insistently remind that every single order is individual, therefore to specify all of the questions about prices and availability of the desirable vehicle, please contact us. (Contacts)

Please choose desirable brand, click on the image and follow to the manufacture’s website:








For any questions, please, Call:
+(373) 78-000-322
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