The process of ordering a vehicle with All Motors company is standard.

1) It is necessary for You to decide on brand, model and desirable characteristics of the vehicle (color, a complete set, etc.). Besides that You need to determine a pre sized amount of money that You are planning to spend on Your purchase. This sum needs to be known by the manager of the All Motors company as well to be able to count the abroad price’s threshold of the purchase, considering transport expenses, insurance for the period of delivery, commission percent of the company – all these details need to be known in order not to exceed your planned general budget upon making the purchase.
Besides this, the sum of the deposit, which is necessary make prior to the beginning of purchasing process, depends on the price of purchase. More about this read in section 3).

2) You can get familiar with different offers to sell various types of vehicles in the “SEARCH” section of our website or by contacting manager of our company (Contacts) who will consult You on any questions related to ordering and purchasing a vehicle.

3) To order a particular vehicle You will have to visit our office, make a deposit consisting of 10% from expected cost of the, but not less than 1000$. Also it is necessary to remember that the deposit should be made prior to the beginning of the actual auction. You will get an official document with the seal of the company, that proves that you’ve made this deposit in cash.

The deposit You are making is a guarantee that You won’t refuse to make a complete payment for the vehicle after it was already purchased from the auction or was booked at the dealership. This deposit will be used in multiple auctions participation, if needed.
In case when You didn’t manage to get Your lot from the auction (for example, during the auction the price rose above the limit you’ve planned), the deposit will be used in Your next participation in the auction for the newly chosen lot.
If You don’t want to purchase any other lot, Your deposit will be fully returned to You (except the commission percent for the bank transfer in case when it was made through the bank transfer).

If after successful purchase of the lot from the auction You refuse to pay overall cost of this lot, You lose your deposit in full (in this case the deposit is transferred to the auction as a penalty fee). In some cases dealerships don’t return the deposit either, if You’ve refused to purchase vehicle after You’ve booked it.

4) At the moment of tendering for Your lot You will have next possibilities: to be present at our company office to watch the auction, to be absent or to watch it online.

If purchase doesn’t take place (for example, during the auction Your admissible price level is exceeded), than this particular lot will be left, and another one, that suits Your inquiry will be selected.

If purchase is made then at the same moment You are notified about the exact price of Your purchase and the exact total price (except for the cases with some auctions when the exact price of the purchase can be known within a day after the purchase).

The final cost of the purchased lot consists of:

– purchase price at the auction;

– auction’s fee (depends on auction and the lot price);

– delivery fee on USA territory counting from the auction’s yard to our warehouse;

– 1,5% from the lot price – insurance for transportation by sea;

– transportation cost by sea to the specified port;

– All Motors company commission.

The final cost does not include:

  • unloading fee – unloading vehicle from the container at the arrival port;
  • vehicle’s transportation from the arrival port to the final destination;*
  • vehicle’s customs duties in the country of destination.*

5) After successful purchase is made, Sale Contract needs to be signed and during the next 3 days You have to transfer The Final Cost (look section 4) to the company’s account. If deposit was made by the bank transfer, then the Final cost is transferred minus the deposit, if it was made by cash, then it is returned to you in the full amount.

According to the auctions rules, if during the next 2 days the remained sum is not transferred to company’s account then for the 3th day You are facing a penalty of $50. And if within 7 days money is still not transferred to company’s account, You will lose the lot You got on the auction (it will be returned to auction) as well as the prepaid deposit (which also will be transferred to auction).

6) After money for the purchased vehicle is transferred transportation company takes it away from the auction/dealer’s yard and delivers it to our warehouse, where the vehicle is loaded to the container and is sent further to the port.

Delivery on the US territory takes from 3 to 20 working days, depending on port’s location. Car’s documents (Title and Bill of Sale) are sent with express courier service as soon as they come from American customs. You will receive them by the time container is arrived to the port of destination.

You can track container’s location by checking the tracking number on the sea carrier’s website, all this information will be able to provide.

Transportation by sea can take from a week to several months, depending on the port’s location.

The above-mentioned terms and conditions refer to purchasing a car.

To clarify conditions referring to purchasing any other vehicles or technical equipment, please contact our office (Contacts).


All currency transactions connected to payments for services and goods are carried out by bank transfers.

* For Moldova residents we also provide vehicle’s transportation from the port to Chisinau. If needed, we can also help with customs clearance process.

For any questions, please, Call:
+(373) 78-000-322
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