Salvage auctions in USA

Despite the name and common perception, auctions of damaged or, in other word, salvage cars sell not only damaged vehicles. At these auctions it’s absolutely possible to find not only damaged but any other vehicles that owners refused to operate anymore. The main requirement for selling this type of vehicles is that all of them are subjects for export from the US. In addition to that it should be noted that any vehicle, that was ever presented at an auction, is already cleared of any arrests, pledges and other restrictions, and right from the auction’s platform can be send to the port.

So, these are the types of cars, that can be presented at the auctions of damaged (salvage) vehicles:

  1. vehicles that had been in car accident;
  2. vehicles that had been in a car accident, and were badly repaired after it;
  3. vehicles with water damage;
  4. vehicles with fire damage;
  5. stolen vehicles, which then were found by the police;
  6. vehicles confiscated for debts, and that for some reasons cannot be sold at the auctions of clean title vehicles
  7. vehicles worn out after operation (pre-owned).

At the auctions of damaged (salvage) vehicles all cars are sold by the “As Is” principle. It means that the customer purchases the lot at his own risk with all the malfunctions, which can be not listed in the lot’s information, or can be discovered later. “As Is” also means that the auction does not take responsibility for probable misfits of the real condition of the lot and the description of it.

Nevertheless, auctions of damaged (salvage) vehicle do sell a huge amount of cars. It is caused by very attractive prices for the lots. Many people, for the economy purposes and having opportunities and experience in damaged car repairing, buy cars with lower prices at such auctions on purpose. Then theyqualitatively repair them, as a result getting a good car at the price much lower than the market price. This allows them to use it or resell it with benefit. In many cases like this the risk that is taken is justified, however a deal like that should be taken very seriously so money wouldn’t be wasted.

So, here are the biggest auctions of damaged (salvage) vehicles in USA:

– is the biggest auction of damaged (salvage) vehicles not only in the US, but in the whole world. It was founded in 1982. Here it is possible to find cars with any damages degree. Huge assortment and, perhaps, the lowest prices, bring to the auction really big popularity. From the official statistics it is known that Copart auction sells more then one million vehicles per year.

IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions) – second biggest auction of damaged (salvage) vehicles in the US, founded as well in 1982. In comparison with Copart, IAAI is taking its work more responsibly. Another difference is that online auctions at IAAI are carried out by the live host, and at Copart is used a robotic host.

Salvage Direct (SD)
– third biggest auction of damaged (salvage) vehicles, which was founded in 1998. At this auction it is possible to find only damaged vehicles, that are 50-60% cheaper.

Besides the auctions listed above, damaged vehicles can be also found:

  • at the auctions of clean title vehicles at special sections of it;
  • at the dealers that are selling damaged (salvage) vehicles;
  • in the special section of internet-action Ebay.