Where to buy vehicle in USA

In the US the process of purchase and sale through the auctions is developed very good, that’s why it is possible to buy practically anything through the auction: starting with stationery and ending with car parts, yachts and real estate.

The following factors influence on the popularity of auctions in America:

  • mentality of the US citizens. In difference from Europeans and Asians, for whom it is more important to come to the place and choose desirable product, to look at the assortment, to bargain, for Americans the purchase itself is more important.
  • Long distances. To go to the other state to choose a car takes a decent amount of time and also requires additional expenses.

All American auctions that sell vehicles can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Auctions of clean title vehicles;
  • Auctions of damaged (salvage) vehicles.

Besides the auction, dealerships shouldn’t be forgotten, because they offer a big and various assortment of different vehicles.