Car export from USA. New cars.

In the US there are certain rules and laws that need to be considered in case of a car purchase. For example, depending on the car brand and the state, the tax can consist of 5-10%. To this sum also adds up: payment for registration, car checkup, insurance and so on. However, all listed expenses are concerns only of those UScitizens who plan to use their cars there (in USA). It is not necessary to pay all duties and taxes listed above, if cars are bought for export.

However, there are several nuances that follow with the export of cars from USA. First, the prices for similar cars in Europeare higher than in America. It is quite logical that there are so many customers willing to buy a new car from the USand thus save up to 20%, sometimes even considering the cost of delivery and all the custom fees and duties. However, the possibility of car purchase for export from the USwas discovered and considered by many huge auto-companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus which had established a ban on their brands export. At the same time, brands like Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge can be exported almost without any restrictions.

For each car brand there are some special nuances and restrictions on export, which mainly are: if a car was in operation less than the established time or it has less mileage than it was established, the car won’t be send out from port.

With time, that this type of problems were discovered, legal solutions were found. For example, one of them: the new car is registered by a leasing company and is sold for export. The main thing is that the car shouldn’t be pledged and it surely must have a Title or in other words – registration certificate. If the car is pledged in any establishment, the Title is also there. After all of the financial obligations are paid, the Title returns to the owner and then he can easily sell his vehicle.

Pay attention once again, upon the purchase of a vehicle the title should necessarily come with it. Otherwise, You risk to be a victim of deception and to lose your money.

If the car is purchased from an auction it guarantees that the car is coming with title, because before cars actually come to the dealerships all the vehicles pass full legal and financial cleanings from the previous history and only then wait for new owners.