Dealerships in USA

Dealerships in the USalong with the auctions give a chance to find practically any desirable car. Dealership’s assortment supplements auctions assortment, because a desirable car may be missing at any auction for the present moment, but centralized system of search used by dealerships all over USA allows to increase significantly chances to find the right one.

Most of the time, upon any car purchase Americans have to address to car dealers. Almost all dealers work by “trade-in” option, meaning that the old car is given to the dealer, necessary amount of extra money is paid and then a new car is purchased.

Car dealer, as a rule, is a private parking lot or an office. The analogue of it could be seen in Germany, where they are called Auto-houses. Dealer’s platform can be actually visited, if there is an opportunity, but for the convenience of all customers, dealers post there car listings for sale on many popular websites, where it is possible to examine offered vehicles and also find seller’s contact information.

So, here are the biggest and most popular websites with car listings.

CARS.COM – the biggest website for searching cars in the US. On this website more than a million cars are presented, both types – new and with mileage.


AUTOTRADER.COM – second biggest website of car listings. This website is owned by the same company that owns Manheim auction.

Many car dealers give listings on both websites – and to increase the possibility of car sale.

Besides these websites, there is a special car section on the well-known internet auction – eBay. Unfortunately, at the present moment it is seldom possible to see the car auction going on eBay, because dealers prefer to list their cars for the fixed price, and eBay acts as a show-window.

Distinctive feature of the lots, presented on eBay, is that report from Autocheck database is automatically attached to its description for free.


If it’s the case of purchase, made of the centralized websites of cars listings, it is necessary to remember the following:

You shouldn’t buy cars from sellers that are mentioned as individuals (Private Sellers). It is very often met, that real condition of an actual car strikingly differs from its description on the website; it even can happen that the car will be not the same car that was declared for sale; and most obvious is that there is a possibility that you would become a victim of swindlers, that would take Your money and You won’t even see the purchased car.