Clean title auctions in USA

At the auctions of clean title vehicles it is possible to purchase a very good car for the best price. A distinctive feature of this sort of auctions is that customers get detailed information on all lots presented for sale. Specific cars that are suitable for such auctions can be sold by:

  •  Financial and credit institutions(banks) which sell confiscated vehicles for the reason of not paid off credit;
  •  Leasing companies that sell their cars after the lease expiration date;
  •  Companies and organizations that sell cars that had been used for corporate purposes;
  •  Rental car companies that sell cars, which had been already rent for the established time;
  •  Car dealers etc.

As for customers, at these auctions cars can be purchased by:

  •  Dealers, serving the local (internal) market of the US;
  •  Dealers, working for export.

Individual customers can’t buy vehicles from the auctions of clean title vehicles. Therefore, if You would like to purchase a car from an auction in USA, You’ll have to seek for help from a company which is engaged with purchasing and delivering cars from USA. Among other things, professional experience and skills of the company’s staff will not only help you make a purchase, but also will help you choose the desirable car.

So the auction of clean title vehicles is:

  •  Platform, that allows to find room for all the cars presented for sale;
  •  Hangar equipped for tendering;
  •  Effective system of the auction, that combines participation of live and online dealers.

In case of a purchase from an auction of clean title vehicles, safety and transparency of the deal is guaranteed by auction.

Almost all sellers that present their cars for sale through the auction, order a detailed report about all conditions of the car, called Condition report (CR). Auction is also responsible for honesty and compliance of the report and the real condition of the vehicle. All of the visible damages, if they exist, are included in the report (it should be mentioned that on the auctions of the clean title vehicles by the damages are meant scratches on the body of the car, chiped paint, poor condition of the interior, etc., in one word – external, insignificant damages, not influencing on the general working capability). In general, this report gives customer practically all needed information to make a decision on purchase.

So, here are the most popular and big auctions of clean title vehicles.

 – is the biggest auction of vehicles with mileage not only in the US, but in the whole world. It is called by the name of the city Manheim located in the state of Pennsylvania, where the first auction platform was opened in 1945.

Manheim auction takes place in a classical mode, meaning that cars come on the trade stand in turn, real dealers that are presented there have a couple minutes to inspect the lot and then the host of auction begins the auction. At this time real dealers announce their bids. In parallel with this, special auction workers monitor bids for the same lot that are announced by online dealers. Just like in any classical auction, who’s bid was announced last gets the lot.

Manheim’s last development consists of association of the online auction system Simulcast with the OVE auction system (which is Manheim’s subdivision), which distinctive feature was that all cars offered for sale, were located not on the auction’s platforms, but at the sellers places, and the auction process itself practically looked like the Ebay purchase system.

The new combined system called Simulcast Everywhere works in a non-traditional mode, having incorporated in it the best features of the two above-mentioned auctions. First of all, it is convenient for sellers, because they don’t have to transport their cars to the auction platforms. Technicians team, that completes the Condition Report, comes to the actual car location. The auction itself takes place online, but the live host carries it out ( instead of a robot that is presented at the damaged vehicles auction – Copart, for example). Besides that, some functional changes of the customer’s interface were incorporated in the new Simulcast Everywhere system, that distinguishes it from usual Simulcast.

Аукцион ADESA
second biggest auction of clean title vehicles, after Manheim. It functions since 1989. By the number of sold cars it is losing to Manheim, therefore the prices for lots are slightly lower. For the rest, the auction system modes and the carrying out sales and preparations are identical with the above described. Except sources of information about a car, described before, such as Condition Report, there is one more tool for checking the real technical condition of a car at the time of purchase. It is called PSI – Post Sale Inspection or After-sale Inspection. It is a separate check which is done by special order of the customer, which is performed by independent team, that makes a better and more detailed diagnostics of the particular car, namely:

  1. reliability of mileage indicator (odometer);
  2. inspection of engine’s operation;
  3. inspection of system of an all wheel drive functionality;
  4. inspection of brakes and ABS;
  5. inspection of the exhaust system;
  6. air-conditioning system check;
  7. inspection of the SRS (airbags, seat belts);
  8. gearbox inspection;
  9. electrical inspection;
  10. inspection of existence of painting work traces;
  11. inspection of existence of water damage;
  12. inspection of existence of damages of structural parts of the car (frames, bearing components).

This report is prepared in addition to Condition Report therefore all coinciding points won’t be mentioned in PSI.

Because PSI is prepared by qualified and skilled experts, all additional problems, if they exist, will be revealed in 90% of cases. Why not all 100% cases? Because some malfunctions can be revealed only after a certain operation period. PSI can be ordered only for the following types of cars:

  • at the moment of the car sales the green light was on (specifics of auctions function online);
  • mileage of the car is less than 80 000 miles (at some auctions up to 100 000 miles);
  • car having “Greenline” (GL) mentioned in their description (with any mileage).